Bubble of Light & Busy Mind Process

Bubble of Light 

Ask that a beam of God’s Light and Love come down and surround you in a bubble of Light.

Say out loud,  “This is my Light, I claim it and I seal it.  No one or nothing can take from this Light it is mine. So be it so it is.  Amen”

Ask for another bubble of Light to be put around yours for others to receive God’s Love.

* This is so those taking your energy will not go in to fear by not being able to access your energy.

Busy Mind Process

On an in breath, visualize all the busy thoughts that are going through your mind be put in a ball of Light.

* Being in the mind keeps you in reaction to the problems and emotions.

On an out breath.  See, feel, or just know the ball of thoughts are being carried down a silver cord to the Heart.

When it reaches the Heart, the ball usually expands or dissolves into a more peaceful state.

* When in the Heart you are into Action, Manifestation, and Creating your heart’s desires.