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I Am Athena, the Divine Presence of the I AM as We ALL are. I Am what some may refer to as a Soul Angel working through the third dimensional space known as Earth School. I Am being channeled, with agreement, through the I Am Presence of Kathy Baker.

As a Soul Angel, I assist in connecting you with your own Soul Source, finding the "Gift of Freedom" that brings you Joy, Happiness, and Peace. It brings the Creator Source great joy to see you in alignment with these true attributes of Who and What You are.

In Honor of the Divine, I Am truly blessed to serve You on Your Soul’s Journey.

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Gifted Spiritual Medium


           Angel and Soul Connector 

Internationally known to many as the “Healer of the Heart”.  Kathy is a gifted spiritual medium, soul connector, and channeler who has a unique process to help you connect with your departed loved ones, angels, soul, and Spirit.  She will take you on a journey to your Sacred Heart, where you will connect with your departed loved ones, or your angels, and she will channel your soul and Spirit for guided information.

Know that this connection will enlighten you, while empowering you to create your heart's desire, bring clarity to any of life's questions you may have, or help heal your broken heart. Definitely, a gift you will take home with you.  Every journey will include a heart healing from the angels.



"In Case You Doubt Your Gifts....
    I have never felt so much in control of my life as right now.   You are a really great Coach and Spiritual Advisor!  Never doubt your Gifts always believe in yourself as you believe in others."

Angel Healings & Consultations

Soul Angel Reading & Healings


I work with your Soul, Guardian Angel, Departed Loved Ones, and many other Angels to bring forth information that will lead, guide, and help direct you on your life’s journey. I may be guided to use healing modalities such as hands on healing, prayer, EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping, and creative visualization to help you connect to departed loved ones. 

For this process, I simply ask God to use me as a pure channel to bring through information and whatever is needed for my client to experience what their Soul is needing or wanting to achieve their hearts desire.

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Please call to schedule either a telephone consultation (248-942-3891) or a meeting for a private one on one meeting.  Pricing for local consultations will vary depending on travel  requirements.   I will accept cash, checks or gifts using PayPal. 

I am available for Angel Readings, parties, and will accent any special gatherings you may have.

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